Understanding the relationship between marketing and sales can take you a long way. Whichever way you cut it, we’re always selling. We’ve made it our business to build great relationships with tour operators, sales agents, and other key partners with great databases. We know what excites them, how and when to present your product, and will even assist in contracting with them on your behalf. With commercial insights and a common-sense business brain, Azalea will help get you trading on the right path

Do you know who where to find your customers ? Are you looking in the right place ? It’s a minefield out there. Azalea will help you identify whom your business partners should be, and get you speaking to the right people.

Want to meet your key buyers, and all the people whose job it is to sell your destination ? We’ll fix it. We’ll walk you and team into the most powerful sales houses in Europe. Or, we’ll bring them all over to your place.

How cool is this ? Our client lands in the UK and we hold their hand around 5 full days of sales presentations we’ve pre-organised to a “who’s who” of sporting associations. 1462 miles. 8 cities. 25 meetings. 51 decision-makers. Boom!

Looking for a different way to engage with your business partners ? We’ve found ways of getting your key buyers and their families out of bed on a Sunday morning. We dare to be different and will put some magic in your sales process.