If you’ve got a story to tell we’ll give it a voice, make it sparkle, and put it in all the right places. If you haven’t, we don’t believe you. We’ll find one. In fact, we’ll find lots of them, on a regular basis, and ensure that we keep you and your brand up in lights.

With a team of experienced journalists, and media and influencer databases on an international scale, we’ll make sure we get you in front of your customers. It’s a crazy world out there of fast moving content and ever-increasing channels. From press trips to product launches, April fools to soccer schools, rankings and awards, Azalea offers a tailored plan of exceptional PR activity.

With a client portfolio of tourist boards, resorts, hotel groups and golf courses, we understand what buttons to press with destination PR. Our media connections have helped our clients with rankings and awards, but, crucially, always account for an upturn in business as a result of our activity.

We’ve run press offices at major sporting events and exhibitions, and can roll out a media concierge service to suit any purpose. We provide photographers, videographers, and social media managers. But, more importantly, when we invite the media to something, they know it’s worth their while.

Azalea runs a full service news-desk, responsive around the clock to whatever is thrown at it. That means we can react quickly to breaking news, but essentially jump on the media’s requests for content, information, images, videos and quotes. Proactive, reactive…and, sometimes, a little hyperactive.

Whether you’re opening a hotel, a sports centre, a golf course, or a bottle of wine, we’ll ensure people know about it. With accurate and regular reporting, you’ll be able to see exactly how much noise we’ve made, and where it’s loudest. We’re not afraid to dive into the detail of how successful your PR campaign is.